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Guaranteed Rent

If you’re a first time landlord or an experienced landlord then this may be the solution for you. Our guaranteed rental scheme provides you with a fixed rental income, paid each and every month without having the usual stresses of letting your property. If you are looking for a stress free solution then this may be the option for you.

  1. You are guaranteed your rental amount each and every month. Without fail.
  2. If the property is vacant, you still get paid.
  3. There are no set up fees, no hidden charges, just the usual management fee of 10%.
  4. We deal with the negotiation of rent and any queries, questions or complaints.
  5. Once agreed and signed up, you will be paid immidiately in advance.
  6. We conduct all inspections and most maintenance is included within the package.
  7. On the ending of the agreement your property will be returned either in the same condition provided or better.

How Does This Work?

We are working with multiple organisations and are in a position to tender properties to our clients who will enter and agreement with both ourselves and you. The rental figure is agreed and the amount is guaranteed for the duration of the contract. This can be a period between 3-10 years.

Are their any costs associated with entering this agreement?

Apart from our management costs, NO. Our management cost is 10% of the agreed figure.

What is covered under maintenance?

Maintenance is anything which is does not include the boiler, roof or any major works you would usually have to claim under insurance for.
An idea of what is included but is not exahaustive is; small water leaks, change of locks, re-hanging doors, replacing furniture or white goods.

Im interested, what do I do next?

For a no-obligation conversation please contact us on 0114 327 2020 or please complete the below form and a member of our team will contact you. Don’t worry we are not like other agents who will use heavy handed sales tactics, we will offer you an appraisal and what you do following that would be your choice.